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For the past 20 years, I have successfully designed, created and facilitate role-play based training for a range of businesses and organisations. Using professional actors and dynamic role-play scenarios helps to illuminate a training programme, and allows delegates the opportunity to observe, practise and develop their interpersonal skills in a safe environment. The work can be transformational, and previous clients have described our work as ‘life changing’, ‘memorable’ and ‘vital’.


Unlike some of the larger role-play companies, I specialise in creating bespoke, tailor made role-play content that best fits the training aims, culture and organisational objectives. Our training can expand to suit, and can range from one-to-one training, to providing up to 60 actors in a large scale simulation. I have an agency of first rate professional role-play actors who can represent almost any situation with total authenticity.


We pride ourselves on being professional, reliable, personable and adaptable.

Click here to a link to me in conversation with Amy May Bowes - trying to bring to life the work I do as a role-play trainer, and explaining a little bit about what role-play can offer to training situations.  

My work as a facilitator and trainer is characterised by:

  • Listening carefully to my clients, and respecting the expertise and unique character of each group of trainees

  • Engaging the group with warmth, to feel relaxed, positive and empowered within the training space

  • Maximizing potential and being sensitive to the individual


  • Being alive and responsive to the feelings and emotions during a training session

  • Giving clear, sensitive and constructive feedback

  • Ensuring that the training experience is relevant in the moment and sustained in the future

 Clients include:

Chase Farm Mental Health Trust, South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS), CIC, GP Training (Luton, Enfield, Haringey, Cardiff), 

Norfolk Council Psychology Service, Northumbria University – Law School, Lloyds TSB, Asperity, Camp Counsellor USA (CCUSA), University of East London, Academy of Executive Coaching, Jmediate, Conflict MastersThermae Bath Spa, Network Rail, Stagecoach UK, EdPsychs, 

Withers International Law Firm, Dyson.

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